Thursday, October 31, 2013

October pics and happenings

Shawn was a skeleton for Halloween.  Porter really wanted to be the same as Shawny boy.  

We went around with KJ this year.  Porter had a great time.  Nash game into town from WY and they went together.  Cathy took them down by her mom's house.  They came back with 5 full size candy bars.  UNREAL....and tons and tons of candy.  They had so much fun.

Shawn makes his way around the table over and over.  He loves to stand up like this.

Max loved this, we just went in the circle and down the street.  That was totally enough for him. It was great!

Carving pumpins.  Shawn loved watching.

Porter and Shawn love to play together.

Shawn loves gogurts.

This is so Max.

Two sick boys!  This was a bad week.  Everyone was sick.

Our awesome friends did service and cleaned our yard.  Ha Ha.. ya, it really did need some help.  It really was so dang kind of them.

We went and had lunch with Porter.  He loved it.  Then I let Max stay and play at recess.  They all loved it.

Shawn's first apple.  He was in love.

This month was a busy month with Dunshonia, but so great to be connected and to have that relationship with her.

The boys have been playing store a lot.

I took this one day.  I thought it was awesome.  Dushonia has nothing, but she took these two plastic cups and used them as frames.  

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