Saturday, December 29, 2012

Max, you are TWO

My baby!
Just turned one

One year old

Big birthday boy! Grandma Roberts made this really cute cake!

Max, we love you! You are such a joy in our lives!  You make us laugh every day. You give loves and kisses everyday.  We can't explain the love we have for you! You are just an added blessing in everyone's lives.

Right now, you try to talk, but you are behind, silly boy.  If you do say a word and we ask you to repeat it, you just say, NO (mow)!

You have been a lot better about talking though and sometimes you do repeat it.

You are the best snuggler in the world.

You love to sleep with either the blue or brown blanket.

You are addicted to chocolate milk. I think 80% of your diet is chocolate milk.

You always like to tease.  You love it when we chase you.  You love dinosaurs and can actually say the word dinosaur.

When we pick up Porter from school, you are excited to see him and you yell out his name.

Your screaming has gotten better, but you still scream when you want our attention (because you won't talk).

We love you so darn much and we are so glad you had another birthday and you are a part of our family!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Max's b-day..He is TWO!

We took him to Classic Skating. Max took his wiggle car he got from Christmas and went around and around.  He was sick, but he still had a good time.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve tradition...bobondox

Barry and Micah kicking off Max, so they can play dance revolution...(poor max)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Porter's singing thing

Porter's school had a singing hour; where all the kids sang to each other.  We never heard anything about it.  So my friend called the school and the school said, no parents are invited, it is just for the kids.  Well, Porter really wanted us to come. So we did ;)
(Logan, Sawyer, Ryan, Alex, Porter, and Nash)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Days

We went to the car repair shop.  Max cracked me up. First, he looks amazing with his crazy hair and pjs on.  Then he runs up to these chairs; grabs a magazine; and starts to "read" it.

He found a spot to put his popcorn.

Nothing like my boys at target. Running around with a hat they found.  

The best part of the hats were the gloves attached to them. Very stylish!

Although I was not at this party, I thought it was very creative. Justin made this cake for the final episode of walking dead.

Porter burnt his face on a cookie sheet.  He was hoping over water and ran right into the edge of the hot cookie sheet. Poor kid.

Porter potty pants.  When Max takes a nap, he can also have down time.  He will usually get some treats and grab the iPad  He set himself up with this last time. 

Barry will not let me cut his hair.