Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things Porter says

"Mom, I don't want my cereal to get foggy."
"I need to follow asleep."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Porter pushing Max in a DOLL stroller.  They were laughing so hard and crashing multiple times.  Very funny!

Reasons I love these pictures this day;
1-They have new clothes (it is very rare they have new clothes, usually just hand down clothes).
2-They are my kids!
3- They are smiling, not screaming.
4- They have matching outfits (never has this happened)...oh and they are clean.
5- Porter is SO HAPPY to go to school (love to see your kids happy).
6- I just love these kids, they are my world!
7- Oh, and Max has pants on and not just walking around in a diaper.
8- Last of all, their hair is actually done! BIG accomplishment!

The boys

So cute, first day Porter and Nash found each other and started to walk towards the school.  Chatting away with their huge backpacks on.

Alex, Korbin, Porter, and Nash

Logan, Sawyer, Porter and Nash.  All in the same class.

This is his seat.  Ironically he sits right across from Nash.

Maxwell and Porter

This kid cracks me up!

Ya know that backpack leashes for kids.  Well this is Max's and he loves it.  He would wear it every day.  It is a bear backpack and he loves it on.  I love that he walks around and there is a tail on him.

In the fridge with the backpack.

Brushing his teeth with the backpack.

Silly bands...can he possibly get any more.  This is what happens when the whole package is on sale for a quarter.