Saturday, November 30, 2013

November moments

Thanksgiving dinner.  Porter asked for the leg, and of course his nice grandpa Roberts gave him a leg.  Little did he know it was going to be so big.  He was so happy.

The boys love their baths!

Trouble maker Max..decided to crack some eggs.  Bless his heart.

Porter and Max have been watching Jake and the never-land pirates on Netflix.  They went into the bathroom and both came out with this gear made of toilet paper.  Sword and all.

Porter and Rihanna.  First day of a good snow fall.  They played and played in it.  They are great friends.

Favorite snack.  Apples with peanut butter on them.

Its a hit.  Camille left for Japan and left this toy that Porter LOVES.  Apparently they all love it.

I picked up this treasure at Savers (second hand store).  It still needs to be painted, but the boys love it.  Its their new hut.  Shawn loves to play in it.

Elli and Porter.  

After making a hut, Porter went outside and said he was going to paint.  He found some wood and went to work.  Its a BYU snowman and will be our winter decoration.

Onery Max. 

School buddies, Alex and Porter

10 month old Shawn.  He wasn't too happy that day.

Melted crayon in dryer is the worst.  Pretty much impossible to scrap out.  Porter was my good helper.

Barry shot all these geese.  Max just had to touch them.  Barry made 20 pounds of goose jerky.

AFTER Halloween my friend brought back some costumes she borrowed.  So the kids put them on and had fun.

New haircut

So funny, he put the headphones on and started dancing.  He loves to dance and loves music.

Trip to St. George.  Mandy ran a half marathon, so we went to support her.  She is doing so great!  She is down 40 pounds and is a huge motivator for me.  I am really proud of her.