Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fun with marshmallow creations

Max ate all of his, he was only able to make the marshmallow stick into the toothpick and then right to his mouth.

Mandy won for biggest house and most marshmallows used.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Decided to play in the protein powder...

then ran away like this; silly boy.

Words Max uses are:
dorder = Porter
a car
a pop = otter pop

shishy = fishy
toaw = towel, blanket, or pillow.
Every morning (mostly Porter) or mom/dad get you out of the crib and you yell for your "toaw," so we have to pull your blanket and pillow out with you.
a ha ha = any animal, started with horse, but now includes all animals.
Mow = no
inky (only using his throat to make the sound) = stinky

shew = shoe or foot

If you ask this sweet little thing to repeat what he said, he will say "mow" (no).

You love to eat... You love junk food. Suckers are the top of your list and chocolate milk. Summer was otter-pops

You are a messy boy and we all love you!

Sleep over with Cousin Taylor

Taylor got to sleep over last night.  I got the mattresses off Porter's bunk bed for them to sleep on last night.  In the morning they decided to do this with them.  Very creative! Max had to join in on the fun!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow Day

We got about 7 inches of snow. Porter came home from school and we shoveled the drive way; built a snow man; built a make shift snow ramp; and then went sledding.  The kids loved it! We had a great time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Max loved Halloween, he LOVED the candy. He loved getting his costume on. He wanted it on all day. 
Porter had a great time.  He had his Halloween parade at school.  Had a fun Halloween party after.  He was so excited to be captain America (even though he really has no clue who he is). He rode his scooter to school on Halloween and he looked so cute in his tight little outfit on riding his scooter.  Max was just loving it in his Elmo costume.  It was a little warm that day and I tried to take off the Elmo hat while we walked to school, but he wanted nothing to do with that.  He was Elmo, and he was going to be Elmo.

October happenings 2012

Porter loves to wrap up gifts and give them.  This morning Porter wrapped up razors we bought Barry from Costco. He was so happy to give it to his Dad.

Porter and I found this app.  We were on the couch laughing for an hour.  Porter was laughing SO HARD, he started crying.  It was so fun!

We bought and sold Rocky. Two dogs were too much for the "dog lover, me." One dog is TOO MUCH.

Porter went in the Halloween bucket and did this all by himself. We are always so proud of him :)

Pumpkin Patch.  Tradition every year we go with the Howell Family.  

At least I know where the camera is...

Coming out of the corn maze.

Porter and the twins on the hay ride.

I took the boys down to St. George to visit cousins.
Porter, Kamaile, and Max on the fire truck after eating pizza.  Dad and Kathy were actually down there the same time and they took us out to eat.

Cute Gracie.
Mandy and her girls.  No, this is not Disneyland.  Just some lovers of Star wars, set up this thing in front of a store.  They said they made their costumes all by themselves, we were so proud!
Kamaile and Porter fighting over the back seat spot. 
Costco had these massage chairs to demo. We couldn't pass it up, so this is how you get a massage when you have kids.
Max saw the Pepsi and ran to it and said, "Dadda, Dadda!" Hmm,  who thinks Barry has a problem????

First snow storm...not sure when, but before Halloween.

Mom and Me day at school. Porter is getting too big! It was fun to spend time with him.