Thursday, July 19, 2012


Porter got stung the other day.  These wasps were under our mailbox and under our stairs.  I didn't have any spray, so I just caught them. So just call me a wasp catcher.  We caught 20 wasps, and three hives.

Max loved looking at these.

The boys

Max...with his cowboy hat, no pants, and Porter's slippers.  Very fashionable!

Just having fun!

Spray painting the soccer ball

The first day of camp, they all got soccer balls.  The coaches told the kids to color their balls, so they could tell theirs apart.  Nash and Porter went and got the spray paint and went to town.

Two hours later the ball exploded.  It was a really hot day.  I don't think the spray paint helped.  I guess there had been a few other balls that exploded too.  Funny!

Porter's Soccer Camp

Max ate watermelon and more watermelon.

They played an army game.  If you got hit with the ball you couldn't use the foot that got hit.  Well Porter couldn't just jump on  one leg.  He would switch legs once the ball came close.  Interesting how that works...ha ha.

Coach Adam, Porter, Nash, and Emma

Max spraying water on everyone.

Porter and Max

Porter made this bed in the family room.  He wanted for me to take a picture.  He wanted to pretend he was asleep.

New blog

Well, here is to our new blog.  Who knew there was a picture limit.